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Friday, May 20, 2011

Broga Hill hiking, sunrise , Malaysia

typing again
today I wanna story morry about my trip to broga hill
happening gilak , like 3times
first time being here
very intresting and wonderfull
with my soulmate
opss not soulmate
thats my friends la :D
*we arive there around 3.30a.m (so early)
*first check point after a few minutes hiking. lol :D
actually, we over excited :D
*we succes with flying colour :D
*catch the moon :D haha
*excited part
*free style (ada lgi gaya pelik2 kat batu ni, tp ...) :D
finally our trip to broga = perfect
face drop or face off or happy face
story, behind the scene malas nak type :P


rotashia faizal said...

bestnya.. nak ikut.. haha

hadinesta said...

jum2... bak dtg... haha

~MoNika~ said...

wahh bestnyeee. 3.30 pg ? awalnyee. hiking nihh ade org tunjuk jln ke ? bape harga ?

hadinesta said...

klu gi awal, x de org...
x de orng tunjuk,jln je kat tracknye.. harga parking 2ringgit. best! haha

cik aisya said...

perghhh ! best best .