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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The experience

Fall and failed?
How do you face the reality of your life?
answer me? ( nk wat bancian penduduk)
how do you feel?
when someone,
try to hurt you.try to blame you.try to ignore you.try to down you
no wonder, thats normal (ye ke?)
when someone hurt you,blame you,ignore you,ruin you
whats gonna be your action ?
my suggestion :
don't worry, be happy
prey for them(doakan mereka bahagia)
believe! the power of doa.
I wanna share with you this special word:
forgive and forget
to be continue...


_aLiaHwaFa_ said...

lagu baru macam ada makna je hadi oi. haha. btw, whoever that person is, good luck :D

Ahmad Hidayat said...

hang gadoh dgn hana ke?? haha

hadinesta said...

'Aliah: lagu. aq peminat hujan la. haha erm :)

hidayat: tak gaduh la.padan muka aq.haha :DDD

Wan Akhyar said...

pray for them..bkn prey for them..hehe..anyway, jgn tension2..let bygones be bygones :D

hadinesta said...

thanx.. x tension la... sentap.. :D

rotashia faizal said...

relax je hadi.. benda normal je nie.. :)

hadinesta said...

ye er... aq first trial kot.. haha